How To Earn Money As A Student In 2023: 30 Easy Ways

College tuition fees can be a significant financial burden. However, there are numerous ways to make extra money as a student. Don’t allow excuses such as lack of time or not knowing where to start to prevent you from exploring these opportunities to earn some extra income.

In this blog, you will get answers to all your problems as we have listed 30 ways to make extra money as a student. Explore these opportunities and ease your financial worries today.

Benefits of Making Money as a Student

If you are wondering how to make money as a student, you have many options. There are also numerous benefits of making money as a student in the form of a side hustle while studying. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Financial Independence
  • Exposure to the corporate world
  • Become more confident and acquire people skills
  • Learn organization and time management skills
  • Widen your knowledge and learn new skills

Although having a job as a student can offer certain benefits, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there are also potential drawbacks to consider. Let us explore some of them below:


Challenges may arise while seeking the best way to earn money for students online. Proper time management is crucial when you’re a student with a job. Failure to manage your time effectively could result in losing your job altogether. Here are some tips which will help you to identify such offers:

1. The job sounds exceptionally good, and a high salary is offered compared to the median salary.

2. Lack of adequate information about the company is available.

3. Any outside personnel contacting you and confirming your job offer.

4. The employer is too curious to hire you.

5. Prior investment of money is required to get the job.

Different Ways for Students to Make Extra Money

College life can be financially challenging, but we’ve compiled various options to help students earn additional income. From freelancing to part-time online jobs, here are 30 ways to make extra money as a student for you.

Entrepreneur Jobs

Being your boss is fulfilling and profitable for college students and new grads. Find some best extra income ideas grouped under this section.

1. Freelance Writing

The best way to earn money for students is by tapping into their writing skills. Businesses often seek writers to craft marketing content. Quick typing skills are a plus in this field. Opportunities, ranging from technical writing to blog posts, scriptwriting, and more, abound. Many job openings are available, including freelancing, making it an easy option if you want to start earning money as a student.

2. Become a Graphic Designer

Are you passionate about unique photo editing techniques and want to know how to earn money online for students? Graphic design can be lucrative if you’re a fan of Picsart and Pixlr for enhancing photos. Freelance graphic designers working with digital marketing agencies often create memes and social media content. A fundamental understanding of tools like Canva, Figma, and Adobe Illustrator is essential.

3. Youtube Vlogger

Amidst the video content boom, consider entering the YouTube market. While fame isn’t guaranteed, it’s one of the fun ways to earn money through side gigs in video creation.

4. Design & Sell T-shirts

Creating and selling custom T-shirts online is a great way to earn money through your artistic talents. You can design T-shirts with funny quotes, images, or sentiments. Popular online platforms for selling T-shirts include PrintShop by Designhill, Teespring, and Cafepress.

5. Launch an Online Course

One of the 30 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Student is by launching an online course. If you have strong knowledge of interpreting and explaining abilities, tutoring will be an excellent option for freelance employment.

6. Become a Translator

Are you multilingual? Earn money as a student through translation gigs. Platforms like Live Translation and Text Master have a high demand for spoken and written translators, offering convenient ways to earn money.

7. Voice-Over Artist

Considering how to earn money online for students? Voice-over work is an option. You can provide services to individuals and companies with a good voice and basic equipment. Find opportunities on websites like Voices123 and Bodalgo.

8. Become an SEO Guru

Mastering SEO is among the top ways to earn money as a student. With rates reaching $75 per hour, it’s a lucrative side gig for the analytical-minded.

9. Become a Calligrapher

The best way to earn money for students might just be through platforms like Etsy. Your calligraphy talent can command high prices as people seek calligraphers for special event invitations and stationery. 

10. Start a Blog

If you’re wondering how to make money as a student, consider launching a blog or website. It can be your online hub and a significant income source. Start your site on platforms like Wix or uKit. Find more tips on earning while studying abroad on our blog.

Online Jobs for Students

For students seeking efficient time management and uncomplicated online money-making, here are some of the best ways to earn money for students online. These methods help you build expertise and bolster your budget with extra cash.

11. Online Paid Surveys

Online surveys represent an excellent way for students to earn extra cash easily. Sharing opinions, feedback, and preferences can help various brands. A few minutes of form filling can yield a couple of pounds in cash or prizes. You can use, where surveys pay up to $2 each. After accumulating $5, you can cash out via PayPal, Bitcoin, or select from various gift cards. Other reliable survey websites include Pinecone, Lifepoints, YouGov, Mingle, and Survey Junkie. Explore the best way to earn money for students and kickstart your income as a student today.

12. Searching the Web

Looking to earn money as a student? One of the easiest ways is using Searching on Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Google, and eBay can earn you rewards. 

13. Online Market Trading

You no longer need to fund stock traders’ yachts like in The Wolf of Wall Street. Internet market trading systems allow you to do it all. Websites like enable online stock trading, making it one of the best ways to earn money as a student.

14. Publish a Kindle Book

Students can leverage their writing and research skills, finding one of the best ways to earn money for students. You can earn 70% of the sales by publishing eBooks on Kindle.

15. Review Music for Money

Slicethepie offers a unique way to earn money by reviewing unsigned bands and musicians online. You can turn your passion for music into a business with some users making £40 monthly and easily earn money. Sign up, provide reviews, and earn in US dollars.

Sell Your Stuff Online

Students can gain valuable experience, communication skills, and business acumen by working as part-time online sellers. It’s one of the easiest ways to earn money as a student and an easy way to start your online business.

16. Sell Your Notes

Exploring ways to earn money as a student? Consider sharing your class notes with peers. You can make extra income by uploading them to platforms like Stuvia, Docmerit, and Nexus Notes. These websites connect you with clients and take a small percentage of sales. While handwritten notes are accepted, typing them up can boost your earnings.

17. Sell Your Photos

Start earning as a student by sharing your creative photos on stock image sites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock. When your photos are used, you get paid. 

18. Sell Second-Hand Textbooks

The best way to start earning money for students is by purchasing discounted textbooks from fellow students towards the end of the school year and reselling them during the first-year students’ week. You can list them on platforms like or the Amazon Marketplace.

19. Sell Your Clothes

If you want to make money and know how to start earning money as a student, an easy method is to sell clothes on eBay. This platform has been a go-to choice for turning your clothing into cash. Online auctions provide a reliable way to sell items, from sleeveless jackets to pieces you no longer need. Plus, apps like Depop and Vinted make it even easier to sell your old clothes online.

Easy Ways to Make Money

These options are perfect if you’re seeking ways to earn money with minimal time commitment.

20. Dog Walking & Sitting

If you enjoy working with animals, you can earn money as a student by offering dog walking or pet-sitting services. Various websites connect housesitters with homeowners, allowing you to earn extra cash for your education.

21. Make Money by Walking

Sweatcoin offers ways to earn money as a student by rewarding steps with PayPal credits, gift cards, and more. Your data remains secure, and local walking jobs can boost your earnings.

22. Watch Videos

Earning money as a student is easy with online platforms. Popular websites like WeAre8, Swagbucks, and InboxPounds pay students to watch videos, making it one of the simplest ways to make money online.

23. Answer Questions

Are you a subject expert and want to know how to start earning money as a student? Earn money by answering questions on Users pay a fee for expert responses, making it a great way to monetize your knowledge while helping others.

24. Babysitter

Babysitters earn an average hourly wage of $20. You can offer your services to friends and neighbours with children for extra income. You can also list your services on platforms like to find nearby families. This is a good way to make money as a student, especially since you’re often free after classes and on weekends.

Off-Campus Jobs

Certainly, finding ways to earn money is crucial. With demanding academic schedules and various commitments, college students often prefer off-campus jobs, especially during summer breaks, to supplement their income.

25. Work in Retail

Working in retail provides college students with flexible hours that don’t conflict with classes, making it one of the best ways to earn money as a student. Night and weekend shifts are often available, ensuring a dependable income source.

26. Work as a Temp

For ways to earn money as a student, consider temporary off-campus jobs. Employment offices and temp agencies can assist you in finding part-time roles, like administrative or customer service work. Freelance writing is another income idea. Temp agencies offer diverse tasks and opportunities for college students seeking extra income.

27. Become a Tutor

Want to know how to start earning money as a student? Becoming a tutor is one of the best ways to earn money as a student. Advertise your services through Facebook groups or flyers. This will not only boost your income but will also help others.

28. Take Up a Part-Time Job

Explore part-time jobs like Fast Food Attendant, Barista, or Library assistant to earn money as a student. These roles offer networking opportunities and valuable experience while boosting your income.

29. Get an Internship

While searching for how to earn money, consider securing an internship. Some internships offer payment, enhancing your résumé and providing valuable professional experience. This experience might even lead to a permanent position after graduation. Check out our guide for acing your first internship interview!

30. Telemarketing

Internal and external companies find people to handle phone tasks, including cold calling. If you don’t mind phone conversations and occasional disconnections, it’s the best way to earn money for students.

Tips for Balancing Work and Studies

Here are some essential ways to earn money:

  1. Start a schedule and use a study planner.
  2. Remember your appointments and stay punctual.
  3. Make time for your loved ones without overburdening yourself.
  4. Utilize holidays to gain valuable experience and earn extra money.

We hope this list helps you to save for the future, learn new skills, and earn money as a student! Don’t forget to check out our web story on freelancing as a student for more insights.

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