⚜️USA, New York, Central Park – the most beautiful, famous and popular park in New York, Manhattan. It occupies an area of 3.4 sq. km. Its construction began in 1853, when in the growing very fast pace of the city was decided to create an untouchable green area for recreation of residents. it was officially opened in 1876.

⚜️Central Park isn’t exactly a park in our understanding of the word. It is a fully well-maintained forest with a summer theater and an amazing atmosphere created by bizarre grouped trees.

⚜️Every Hollywood movie that takes place in Manhattan has whole episodes shot here. The park is located between 59th and 110th Streets, in the heart of business districts built by skyscrapers, banks, and government buildings. it was one of the first American parks to be established using artificial landscaping architecture approach

⚜️According to the most conservative estimates of tour operators, 25 million people come here every year, and it is only foreigners, which makes the attraction one of the most visited places in the world.


There are interested places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art facing Fifth Venue, a band shell, ice skating ground a cute zoo, three small lakes, an open-air theatre, athletic playing fields and a playing ground for children.

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